EBay Store Designing

EBay store is a special feature which allows individual EBay sellers to showcase all their listings in an optimized way and talk more about their brand using their own customized page. This customized page is referred as eBay store for the seller.

Look at the EBay store example shown below:

Advantages of custom EBay Store

One might think that EBay store is used only to enhance presentation of the brand and its products but it can create a much more wider impact. A well designed template will help you establish your brand on eBay which would then eventually lead to:

  • More space to advertise: Think of enhanced brand content as a more flexible way to advertise about your brand and product.
  • Conversion Rates: Now that you have a way to provide even more details about your brand and product, your customers will have information about every aspect of your product and your conversion rates might improve.
  • Free: Everyone loves free stuff. As of now, Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is free for registered brand owners on Amazon. It must be free today to increase its adoption among brand owners, but it might become a paid feature later on. Good thing is brand content pages created now will not be charged even when EBC becomes a paid feature. One more reason to get it done today :)
  • Editable: Amazon EBC is editable even after going live and you can change it as many times as you want. The catch here is every change requires approval from Amazon and approval takes around 7 days.


By now you should be clear about what EBay store is and whether you need it or not. Still unclear or want help from a professional to get your EBay store designed, drop us an email to contact@etechninja.com or leave your email in the Contact Us section.